Bernez Tangi Biographie




Bernez Tangi is born in Carantec (Brittany) in 1949.
Native Breton speaker, he chose to travel the world after his studies (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa).



Assistant-director on the set of René Vautier and Nicole Le Garrec’s film La Folle de Toujane.



Bernez Tangi was the creator, with Denez Abernot and some musicians (Abalip, Gildas Beauvir, Kristian Desbordes, Bertrand Floc’h, Yon Gouez, Mona Jaouen, Bob Simon), of Storlok, the first rock band in Breton.



1986 – Barzhonegoù, collective book (Mouladurioù hor Yezh).
1987 – Publication of Fulennoù an Tantad, first collection of poems, edited by Mouladurioù Hor Yezh-Skrid (Imram Prize).
1988 – Short film for the television (France 3 Bretagne) : An heliko a ya kuit da beder eur.
1990 – Release of Kest al lec’h, self-produced audio tape (Loch Balan prod.)
1999 – Exhibition of his paintings in Ti ar Vro-Karaez.
1999 – Participation in the concert Voix de Bretagne 4 / Mouezhioù Breizh 4 (New breton songs), Le Quartz, Brest.

bernez tangi berlin
strollad bernez


2001 – Publication of the book of poetry, Rod an Avelioù (Skrid), for which he received the Prize Du-mañ du-se of France 3. At the awards ceremony, he refused it to protest against the derisory place given to the Breton language on public television.
He participated in the recording of the disc Da enoriñ / Hommage à Glenmor (Kan an Douar).
Release of the CD Eured an diaoul (An Naer productions). He received the Glenmor Prize for this album.
2003 – Poetry recital on the stage of Taol Kurun in Kemperle, accompanied by Soïg Sibéril and Nolwenn Korbell.
2004 – Invited in Vilnius (Lithuania), at the Poetinis Druskininkų ruduo Festvalis.
2005 – Invited in Berlin (Germany) for the Poesiefestival Berlin.
Publication of Chien de feu (Tarv Ruz publishing), a selection of poems translated for the first time into French.
2007 – Invited in Reykjavik (Iceland) for readings.
2008 – Invited in Olsztyn (Poland) for readings and concert.
2009 – Exhibition of his paintings in Ti ar Vro-Kemper.
2009 – Released of the CD Lapous an tan (Tarv Ruz prod.).
2010 – Publication of Ar Saouzanenn (Skrid), book of poetry. Langleiz Prize 2011.
Concert at the Vieilles Charrues, Stage Glenmor, Karaez.


2011 – Invited in Kutno (Poland), at the VII Festiwal Złoty Środek Poezji, with his guitarist Yon Gouez.
2011 – Creation of the group Pempbiz, with Yon Gouez, Abalip, Gildas Beauvir and Bertrand Floc’h. Release of the children’s record Pempbiz evit ar vugale.
2012 – Nominated for the Prizioù, prize awarded by France 3 for Ar Saouzanenn, he released a clip-tract Gwerz ar skinwell, broadcast on the internet, to protest a new time against the little space given to the Breton language on public television.
2015 – Released of the disc Pempbiz, Karantez, Marv ha Faltazi.
2016 – He published his first novel, 1973 (Skrid). Tribute to Bernez Tangi at the Taol Kalon in Châteauneuf-du-Faou.
2018 – Publication of Dastumadeg an Anaon, poems (Skrid).

plijadur an ijin


2020 – Publication of An arvest, poems (Skrid).
2020 – Released of the Pempbiz’s disc, Taol biz troad.
2020 – Poetry recital on the stage of the 31st Festival du livre en Bretagne in Carhaix, accompanied by accordionist Alan Madec.
2020 – Bernez Tangi, plijadur an ijin, documentary directed by Mikael Baudu, produced by France 3 Breizh.
2022 – Publication of his second novel, Ar Rastellerezh bras (Skrid).
2023 – Clip Ma zamm kroc’hen n’eo ket da werzhañ, directed by Morzhol Prod.
Publication of L’Oublie (Chien de feu 2), a selection of poems translated into French.
Invited at the Café Krèm, Aschaffenburgh (Allemagne) for a bilingual reading (breton /german).