Bernez Tangi in the woods

© Miguel de Brito

Bernez Tangi

 is undoubtedly the most charismatic poet in Breton of his generation. He fascinates those who see in him a kind of bard wandering on the edge of the new century. A total poet, exalted by an imagination that draws as much from the Breton land as from the source of farther horizons. But behind the poet, the singer and the painter also guesses a sensitive soul, deep and preoccupied who fully reveals itself only in poetry.
A figure? That of a bard probably. A glance? The sharp and piercing one of an Indian sadhu. An age? Like Merlin, he seems to foil the cycle of time. The child « born in between yew and oak », « after Hiroshima and Yalta » never seems to have let go of the hand of today’s man.
A voice? That of a Chicago bluesman or an ancient oracle : fascinating, impressive and yet reassuring. The survival of the Breton soul is less of a concern when Bernez Tangi is in sight. Because there is the language, in which he expresses himself, sings and writes, because there is also a way : an aim for simplicity, an economy of words, a discreet benevolence and a loyalty that we guess unfailing. Then come sensitivity, modesty, erudition, and an embraced share of femininity, when we had the chance to take a few steps in his company on the track of words or an old toull-noz.


Yann Rivallain
Bernez Tangi, les mots qui tonnent


"L'oublie" Couverture


Chien de feu – Volume 2

15 x 23 cm, 112 pages, CD included

After Chien de feu, published in 2005, this second volume brings together a selection of poems by Bernez Tangi translated into French.
The book is accompanied by a 64-minute CD, original texts in Breton by the author and adorned with soundscapes by Frédéric Hamelin.

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24 €, CD included + port.


Morzhol Prod.

The manifesto-testament of a man crossed by delirium…
Directed in the Monts d’Arrée, the film features the song Ma zamm kroc’hen n’eo ket da werzhañ (My skin is not for sale).